http://www.jessicastar.com  Jessica Star  is a performer, singer, and songwriter previously based in the San Francisco Bay area and now living in New York City. Whether she is performing as a solo artist  or with a full band her original Rock music (influenced by blues and folk),  moving vocals and guitar accompaniment totally fascinate and uplift her audiences. With a background in dance, which she studied for nine years including a three year full scholarship to The Oregon Ballet Theatre and Musical Theatre, her performances are colorful and engaging. Jessica’s music is  woven with fresh melodies, poetic lyrics, and powerful vocal arrangements.

http://www.firebirds.co.uk/home.htm The Firebirds were formed in 1981 and are one of Europe’s finest rock and roll bands, The Firebirds are Jim Plummer, John Plummer, Richie Lorriman and Jason Bryant. With four first class musicians / vocalists The Firebirds are able to cover the  complete spectrum of 1950s and 1960s music, from commercial rock and roll songs to rockabilly, harmonised doo wop, Instrumentals, ballads, and their own compositions.

http://www.pollytone.com Pollytone has been established since 1991 as an independent record  label and music event promotions company. We specialize in rock 'n' roll, rockabilly, swing jive & country. So do you wanna dance....

http://www.loveair.co.uk Love Air is a  worldwide internet dating service designed for aviators and their colleagues and  anyone who wants to date such people. It is open to everyone including air crew,  cabin crew, private pilots, commercial pilots, military pilots, display pilots,  flight dispatchers, operations staff, ATC, aircraft engineers, aerospace  engineers, general aviation and all supporting services.

www.thedarkbox.co.uk  The Dark Box is a professional film company specializing in the production of music videos to suit the budget of emerging and established artists.

http://dspace.dial.pipex.com/sema Since SEMA was established in 1996 they have been helping people from ALL sectors of the music industry based in the south east. of England

http://www.cleansave.co.uk The best place to buy cleaning and janitorial supplies, dust control mats and entrance mats in the UK. Door Mats, Doormats, Floor Mats, Anti Fatigue Mats, Swimming Pool Mats, Shower Mats Entrance Mats Logo Mats

http://www.bbc.co.uk/doctorwho   Always good for a visit

http://www.doormats.co.uk The largest range of door mats in the UK at guaranteed lowest prices.

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